PIVX Testnet-Only Binaries (pre-3.3.0)

These binaries are intended for use ONLY on the PIVX testnet, and only as part of the pre-3.3.0 test phase that was announced in our discord server. If you do not already have any testnet zPIV, then there is nothing for you to test, and you should not download anything from here.

Testers should download the appropriate file for their system and extract it to a SEPARATE location from any release versions. Running the included pivx-qt/PIVX-Qt file will automatically use the default testnet4 subdirectory, so there is no need to add -testnet to any execution command.

Note: Windows installer packages are NOT included here so as to avoid potentially overwriting a pre-existing release version installation. Use the Windows zip files instead.

Filename Type Size Date Modified
PIVX-testnet-snapshot-1107000.zip ZIP Archive 1.6 GB Jun 15 2019 8:52 PM